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Service de location d'outil pour la maison et le jardin. Centre de renseignements et de conseils horticole et paysager. Service financiers pour des tiers. Centre commerciaux regroupant des magasins et des services. Service de garderie d'enfants. Exploitation d'un club d'achats de produits et de services pour les tiers. Service d'animation de postes de radio sur internet. Animation de postes de radio. Diffusion radiophonique sur internet. Service de consultation pertinents aux franchises. Diagnostic reagents for scientific use; diagnostic test kits comprised of reagents, processing chemicals and slides for scientific use; computer software for identifying, characterizing and modeling organic, chemical or biological compounds, molecular modelling, bioinformatics, genomics and DNA sequence analysis; laboratory equipment, namely bioarrays, readers and scanners for screening samples and analyzing genetic materials.

Research and development services in the fields of genomics, informatics, biology, diagnostic chemicals, compounds and devices for analyzing such information. November 15, , Country: Paul Hampaul, th Street N. Ice-cream, yoghurt and relate items, namely: The retail and wholesale of ice-milk, ice-cream, and yoghurt. Perfumes, toilet waters, colognes, personal deodorants; essential oils for personal use; oils for cosmetic use; soaps; toilet milks; cosmetics namely make-up products namely nail polish, lipstick, eyeshadow, blushes, mascaras, make-up pencils namely eyeliner pencils, eyebrow pencils, make-up powders namely blush; make-up removal products namely make-up remover lotions and creams, cosmetics for skin care, to reduce cellulite, for the bath, for skin tanning namely facial masks, day creams, evening creams, moisturizing creams, exfoliating lotions and gels to reduce cellulite, gels and salts for the bath, tanning lotions and creams, self-tanning lotions; non-medicated hair care products namely shampoo, conditioners, hairspray, hair lotions, styling foams and gels; facial masks; shaving products, shaving soaps; dentifrices.

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Services of strategic research planning and implementation through marketing, advertising, media and sales vehicles and customized training in sales, marketing and leadership designed to support sales of products and services by businesses in any field. Used in CANADA since at least as early as December on wares 1 ; January on wares 2 ; January on wares 3 ; April on wares 4 ; January on wares 5 ; December on wares 6 ; January on wares 7 ; January on wares 8 ; January on wares 9 ; January on wares 10 ; December on wares General utility multi-wall shipping sacks for commercial use namely, polyethylene and paper bags for commercial packaging use.

Paper and paperboard raw, semi-finished or for stationery ; cartons, paperboard and wrapping paper; corrugated or solid fibre packaging; bags, pouches and wrapping sheets made of paper, paperboard or plastic; plastic films for packaging, dummy packages made of plastic; plastic and composite materials containing plastic, paper, paperboard for packaging use; plastic bubblewrap for the wrapping and packaging of products; packaging or wrapping made of paper or paperboard, sheets of regenerated cellulose for packaging, adhesive strips for wrapping or packaging, packaging materials made of plastic, namely; bags, pouches, films and sheets, plastic wrapping film, viscose wrapping sheets, graphic reproductions, graphic representations; products made of semi-finished plastic material; plastic materials for the packaging, sampling, wrapping of objects; non-metal insulating gaskets, seals namely: Professional consulting unrelated to the conduct of business relating to the following services: Bags, namely, school bags, sport bags, gym bags, duffel bags, shoulder bags, camera bags, daypacks, rucksacks; bag accessories, namely, luggage tags.

March 21, , Country: Chemical biological products intended for use in analyses, reactions, quantitative measurement, laboratory controls, human and veterinary medicine, namely: Ink and ink contained in cartridge for computer printers and photocopiers, namely colorless ink that gives photographs more shiny gloss by making the printing surface even, to prevent irregular reflection due to blocky parts caused by printing.

Cosmetics namely make-up namely liquid make-up, pressed powder, capsulated powder, blush, cream blush, cream and under eye cover stick, eye shadow, mascara, lipsticks; toiletries, namely soaps and deodorants for personal use ; hair care products and hair care preparations, namely shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, hair moisturisers, hair revitalising preparations, hair reconstructors, hair tonics, hair colorants, colour removing agents, hair rinses, hair styling and waving preparations; hair lotions, gels, mousse, hair sprays and lacquers; essential oils and essences namely scented oils for bath and massage; extracts of flowers, herbs and plants.

D Angelo Brands Ltd. Association services, namely, promoting the interests of businessmen and businesswomen. February 04, , Country: Advertising, for third parties, namely: Composite system and equipment namely engine, engine burner, recuperator, generator, absorber, heat exchanger, supplementary burner, gas control valves, venturi mixers, air splitter valve and variable speed fan for generating heat and electricity; integrated fossil fuel fired systems and equipment namely engine, engine burner, recuperator, generator, absorber, heat exchanger, supplementary burner, gas control valves, venturi mixers, air splitter valve and variable speed fan for generating heat and electricity for residential and light commercial applications; composite systems and equipment namely engine, engine burner, recuperator, generator, absorber, heat exchanger, supplementary burner, gas control valves, venturi mixers, air splitter valve and variable speed fan for generating heat and electricity for residential and light commercial applications.

Transmission, distribution and supply of heat and electricity, particularly for residential and light commercial premises; utility services namely generation, distribution and supply of heat and electricity; utility services namely generation, distribution and supply of heat and electricity particularly for residential and light commercial premises; rental of systems and equipment for transmission, distribution and supply of electricity; rental of systems and equipment for machines, instruments and installations for the generation of electricity; rental of systems and equipment for generating and supplying heat to residential and light commercial premises.

Plastic bags namely plastic shopping bags and plastic bag dispensers sold as a unit for use in the retail channel of trade. April 09, , Country: Promotional and commercial assistance and related services, namely: March 17, , Country: Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L. May 09, , Country: Non-metal exterior window blinds and non-metal exterior window shades; interior window blinds, interior window shades and interior window shutters; canopies, awnings and window coverings made of fabric; curtains, draperies and valances.

Printed publications namely books, manuals, brochures and booklets and electronically-stored educational materials, namely pre-recorded audio and video CDs not containing computer software pertaining to insurance administrative services to the financial services and insurance industries; pre-recorded audio and video cassettes not containing computer software pertaining to the financial services and insurance industries; computer discs for computers not containing computer software pertaining to the financial services and insurance industries. Service bureau, namely providing administrative services to the financial services and insurance industries.

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Food products, namely sauces for noodles, spices, and noodles. May 15, , Country: Dancing Buffalo Productions Inc. Merchandise items namely, outdoor hunting products namely, back packs, knives, coolers, and camping products namely, camp axes, flashlights, lanterns and tents and apparel; pre-recorded video tapes, compact discs and DVD s featuring entertainment and information concerning outdoor hunting and wildlife. Entertainment services, in the nature of ongoing television programs in the field of recreational outdoor hunting and wildlife; internet services namely, hosting a website providing information and entertainment via the Internet featuring recreational outdoor hunting and wildlife; on-line retailing services featuring outdoor products and apparel; pre-recorded videos, DVD s and compact discs, printed publications and promotional items, and, providing on-line hunting expedition bookings.

Promethean Technologies Group Ltd. June 09, , Country: A in association with the same kind of wares. Computers, computer peripherals, computer hardware, magnetic and optical data carriers; computer software for providing IT security, providing functionality for secure access, authentication, and authorization. Computer consultancy services; support services for computer programs; computer programming services; development and updating of computer programs. Frozen prepared foods; pasta products namely, tortellini, linguine, fettuccine, lasagna, ravioli, penne, agnolotti, sacchettini; prepared sauces.

Medical and surgical equipment, namely, orthopedic implants and surgical instruments used to implant orthopedic implants. May 06, , Country: July 14, , Country: May 28, , Country: Sale of school supplies and equipment for all levels in the field of natural sciences. Restaurant services, food take-out services, catering services and food delivery services. Blair Building Materials Inc. Building materials, namely membranes used as flashing for cavity walls, spandrel beams, headers and window frames; waterproofing membranes for foundation walls, shower pans and swimming pool decks; membranes for sealing buildings against air and vapour passage.

Operation of a business selling building materials. Leather goods and imitation leather goods, namely, flight bags, boardcases, travelbags, thermorucksaks, hip-bags, toilet bags, muti functional bags, conference brief-cases, travel folders for tickets, passport covers, wallets, business card holders. Transportation and storage services namely the Transportation of passengers and goods by air; Services providing food and drink; Providing services for arranging temporary hotel accommodations. May 16, , Country: Services juridiques et agents de marques de commerce.

Legal services and trade-mark officers. Bathroom accessories, namely, sponges, loofahs, body scrubs, bath brushes, non-liquid exfoliators, skin products, namely, bubble bath and shower cream, shower gel, soap on a rope, salt scrub, body lotion, body butter, foot lotion, foot scrub, hand lotion, hand scrub, hand repair kits, foot repair kits and night repair kits. June 23, , Country: Water-soluble polymers for use in the manufacture of coatings, namely paints, inks, sealants and adhesives.

December 16, , Country: Plastic hardware materials, namely, packing for use in distillation, absorption, stripping and quench columns to facilitate mass transfer between gas and liquid streams. Kanzaki Specialty Papers, Inc. July 17, , Country: Pharmaceutical preparations to boost the immune system. July 22, , Country: RMC in association with the same kind of wares. Computer software for enabling rapid creation and deployment of user-defined data processing applications for the purpose of data extraction, reporting, and data exploration.

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September 29, , Country: Les lignes et les lettres sont de couleur verte. Computers, computer peripherals, components, parts and equipment for the processing of data and equipment for the electronic transfer of funds, namely electronic payment terminal and full array of terminal applications ranging from card reading to the programming of smart cards enabling the use of electronic wallet applications, of loyalty program applications, of smart voucher applications, of access control applications and of personalized applications; computer software for the electronic transfer of funds and for database management in the field of finance and business management; magnetic or electronic storage media; magnetic cards; automatic dispensers and mechanisms for prepayment devices; cash registers; calculators; acoustic and optical discs.

September 18, , Country: Motor vehicles, namely, automobiles, trucks, vans, sport-utility vehicles, and their structural parts and engines. Beverages, namely, dairy-based beverages, nonalcoholic, non-carbonated, fruit flavoured juice drinks, fruit drinks, fruit and juice drinks; water, namely, bottled water and bottled fruitflavoured water. Computer software used to create an environment and virtual meeting place comprised of pictures, sounds and text in which electronic messaging can be exchanged through a global computer network.

Telecommunications services, namely telephone communications services, telephone voice messaging services and interactive voice response services, namely, the prompting, recording, storage and transmission of voice messages by telephone or electronically; providing on-line information concerning dating and personal relationship issues through a website, accessed via interconnected global computer networks, for the purpose of making acquaintances, friendship, dating and long term relationships; providing on-line and interactive access to electronic personal classified advertisements through a website, accessed via interconnected global computer networks and local area telecommunication systems; dissemination of advertising matter for others in the nature of personal advertisements via an interactive electronic telecommunications network linked with an interactive on-line global computer network.

Publications, namely a magazine devoted to design and renovations of residential real estate.

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Publication and distribution of a magazine devoted to design and renovations of residential real estate, in print and electronic format. Hoist Fitness Systems, Inc. Fitness, strength and cardiovascular equipment and accessories therefor, namely, exercise mats and pads, weight benches and bench accessories, dumbbells, dumbbell racks, exercise weights, abdominal rollers, crunch balls and weight lifting gloves, barbells, exercise bars, exercise benches, stationary exercise bicycles, exercise books, exercise doorway gym bars, exercise equipment for lateral movement in a skating motion, gymnasium exercise mats, exercise platforms, exercise tables, exercise trampolines, exercise weight cuffs, manual leg exercisers, exercising pulleys, weight lifting machines, weight lifting belts, weight lifting gloves, weight lifting machines, ankle and wrist weights for exercise and leg weights.

Programme de stages pour ministres du culte. Computerized accounting services namely the management of the employee records of others via a global computer network. RFID Radio Frequency IDentification microchips, electronic readers which read and write data to the microchips, and related asset management, maintenance, certification, testing, and tracking software.

Retail pharmacy, drugstore and multi department pharmacy store services including dispensing medication and pharmaceuticals and the sale of over-the-counter vitamins and other medications, and personal care products. Control, measuring and monitoring apparatus and instruments, namely electronic controllers, monitors and electronic sensors for controlling and monitoring the function and operation of apparatus and instruments used in pulp mills, paper mills and in power plants; measuring instruments used in pulp mills, paper mills and in power plants, namely flow indicators, temperature meters, pressure indicators, lower explosive limit meters, meters for measuring total reduced sulphur TRS , sulphur dioxide, oxygen or carbon monoxide; air purification units for industrial use; apparatus and instruments for odour gas treatment used in pulp mills, paper mills and in power plants.

Research and design services, namely research and design services of apparatus related to the circulation of chemicals in pulp mills; research and design services of apparatus related to the energy production and air pollution control. October 31, , Country: C- 38 , 35, Boul. Parts for land vehicles namely motor coach body shells. Michelin Recherche et Technique S. Pneumatic tires and tubes for vehicle wheels; treads for recapping tires; tracks for tracked land vehicles.

Floating electronic remote control sold as a component and feature of spas, namely heated whirlpools. Printed materials, namely books; clothing namely shirts, t-shirts, hats, caps, visors, shorts, swimsuits, swimming trunks, cover-ups for wearing over swimwear, sarongs, sweatsuits, jogging pants, sweatshirts, and tank tops; footwear namely spiked and non-spiked golf shoes; stationery namely writing paper, envelopes and post cards whether sold individually or in combination; games and toys namely beach balls, beach bucket and spade combinations and plastic buckets; playing cards; sporting goods for the game of golf namely golf clubs, golf club heads, golf club grips, golf gloves, golf bags, golf carts, golf balls, golf score cards and golf tees.

Hotel catering and restaurant services and reservation services, the operation of resorts and hotels. Software components for use in automating corporate data centres, storage and systems management software for managing and monitoring computer hardware, software and network infrastructure and to provide ways to standardize, enforce and adapt the better practices such as service catalogs listing outof-the-box services that form the core of information technology department services provided in most companies and service management which makes the service catalogs actionable through the entire chain of service delivery thereby enabling information technology departments to better serve customers while reducing the bottom line thereby assisting information technology departments to automate their processes providing information technology to users and turn into services-oriented delivery organizations.

November 28, , Country: Electronic transmission of data and documents via computer terminals, namely electronic mail services; providing user access to product and sale information on automotive parts and components via a computer network. Travel services; courier services; transport and delivery of goods and persons; travel agency booking services; sightseeing, tour and cruise arranging services; package holiday services; tourist information services; vehicle rental services; vehicle parking services; cargo storage and handling services; aircraft chartering services; airline services; passenger transport services; cargo transport services; limousine services; taxi services; flight reservations; arranging flights.

October 09, , Country: Dolls and accessories therefore, namely toy-sized: Cosmetics, namely, perfume, eau de perfume, cologne, skin, hand and body lotions and creams, dusting powder, toilet water, bath oils, bath salts, bath crystals, talcum powder, perfumed soaps and bath and shower gels; makeup, namely, liquid foundation, pressed and loose powder, lipstick, blush, rouge and eyeshadow; skincare products, namely, moisturizers, creams, lotions, cleansers, gels, masks, emulsions, oils, serums, toners and eye makeup removers; suncare and UV protection formulas, namely, lotions, creams and liquid makeup; and hair care products, namely, shampoo, creme rinse and conditioner.

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Pet food and pet treats. Medical devices, namely, catheters, power supplies for catheters, contraceptive devices, vessel occlusion devices, and medical and surgical instruments for gynecological use and female sterilization, namely, micro-catheters, micro-inserts, hysteroscopes, and speculum. March 16, , Country: October 29, , Country: Leader General Distributors Ltd.

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Chocolate, licorice, candy, nuts shelled, roasted or otherwise processed , nuts chocolate covered , caramels chocolate covered , almonds chocolate covered , raisins chocolate covered , gum chewing , gum bubble and cookies. Gemstones, namely cut diamonds. Chocolate, chocolate candy, chocolate bars, chocolate candies filled with spirits; coffee, cocoa, and chocolate based beverages; confectionary products, namely cakes, biscuits, pastry; flavoring syrups; sauces, namely hot sauce, pepper sauce, barbecue sauce, steak sauce, mustard, guacamole; salt; beer and malt beverages; margarita mix, carbonated soft-drink beverages, non-alcoholic carbonated beverages; fruit and vegetable-based juices; syrups and soluble powders for making beverages; nonalcoholic cocktail mixes; tequila, tequila liqueur, tequila cocktails and alcoholic coolers containing tequila; alcoholic cocktail mixes.

Breakfast cereals; cereal and vegetable derived food products to be used as a breakfast food and snack food; muesli; muesli bars; muesli preparations; oatmeal; oats; meal replacements, namely cereal-based food bars; cereal basedsnack foods, namely granola-based snack bars; ready to eat cereal derived food bars; nutritionally complete food substitutes namely food bars.

Personalized notebooks, personalized illustrations, personalized t-shirts, personalized cups, personalized address labels, personalized name labels, personalized cloth labels, personalized invitations, personalized books, personalized photo album, personalized growth charts, personalized dolls, personalized name paintings, personalized wall clocks, personalized greeting cards, personalized envelopes, personalized letter paper pads, personalized note pads, personalized monitor borders, personalized sticker books, personalized posters, personalized watches, personalized tote bag, personalized backpacks, personalized cosmetics bags, personalized clutch bags, personalized coins bags, personalized pencil bags, personalized hand bags, personalized toy vehicles, personalized plush toys, personalized stuffed toys, personalized mobile toys, personalized toy boxes, personalized jigsaw puzzle toys, personalized toy action figures and personalized sports balls.

Real estate consulting services for retailers, namely site selection, construction supervision and lease negotiations. Scented room sprays and room fragrances; scented oils for household use; air freshening preparations and air purifying preparations, namely, air fresheners and room deodorants for freshening the air.

PDi-Pharma International , Inc. Printed materials, and marketing materials, namely, newsletters, news bulletins related to financial services. Financial services, namely, stock brokerage services, credit card services, loan financing, mortgage lending and mortgage brokerage services, providing information in the fields of investment and finance over computer networks and global communications networks; telecommunications gateway services, namely, providing an online link to financial information.

The right to the exclusive use of the eleven-point maple leaf is disclaimed apart from the trade-mark. Operation of a business dealing in the: November 25, , Country: Massage apparatus, instruments and appliances; electric and electronic massage apparatus, instruments and appliances; body massagers; personal massagers; vibrators for personal use; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods. Fiera Foods Company, 50 Marmora St. Miscellaneous products derived from honey, namely liquid honey in glass jars, candies, suckers and sweets.

Oasis Tropik Nordik inc. Bakery products, namely, bagels, breads, cakes, cookies, croissants, danishes, muffins, eclairs, squares, pastries, buns, muffin mixes, and pastry dough. Bakery services, namely the manufacture of bakery products for retail sale by others. Services provided by a health and therapeutic relaxation care center.

Pharmaceutical preparations and substances for use in the psychiatric field for the treatment of psychoses and mood disorders, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, cognitive disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, depression. December 22, , Country: Banking and investment services. Footwear, parts and fittings for footwear. Chemical additives and admixtures for use in mortar, grout and concrete. June 01, , Country: The Eramosa Institute, R. Conducting seminars on topics relating to public policy, social justice and humanities.

Jewellery, precious stones, watches and clocks, precious metals and their alloys, coins, fine art objects made of precious metals, jewel boxes, boxes made of precious metals, cases, bracelets, chains, fancy key holders, cigar cases made of precious metals, cigarette cases made of precious metals, cases for timepieces, presentation cases for timepieces, eyeglasses, perfume, travel trunks, suitcases, umbrellas, wallets, change holders, hand bags, clothing namely shirts, belts, gloves, scarves, neckties, articles for smokers namely cases for cigars and cigarettes, lighters.

Pharmaceuticals intended for immunotherapy, namely treatment of cancers, namely solid tumors. January 15, , Country: Bicarbonate of soda and carbonate of soda for laundry use, laundry detergents, laundry detergent boosters, laundry bleaches, fabric softeners, anti-static sheets for clothes dryers; stain removing preparations; preparations for freshening and brightening clothing and fabrics; carpet cleaning preparations.

Office de la propriété intellectuelle du Canada. Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Computer communication system, namely, an outdoor unit including an antenna, receivers, transmitters and a terminal comprised of a computer or enhanced tactical computer ETC used in the field of multi-channel communications and vessel, vehicle and aircraft communications; a portable communication apparatus, namely an outdoor unit including an antenna, receivers, transmitters and a terminal comprised of a computer or enhanced tactical computer ETC ; a satellite communication apparatus, namely a system unit including an antenna, receivers, transmitters and a terminal comprised of a computer or enhanced tactical computer ETC , portable computers and enhanced tactical computers ETC allowing two-way, simultaneous voice, Internet, data, video, phone, facsimile and communications; video cameras, cameras; keyboards; laptop computers; desktop computers; telephone sets, and parts and fittings for the foregoing.

February 05, , Country: The Newcastle Group of Companies Ltd. Printed publications namely booklets and brochures. The operation of a corporate management incentive program, business consulting, the operation of a life insurance and investment brokerage, life insurance consulting, financial planning and investment services namely investment management, portfolio management, and investment education, estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning, the provision of investment, insurance and estate planning information over the internet. The operation of a life insurance and investment brokerage, life insurance consulting, financial planning and investment services namely investment management, portfolio management, and investment education, estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning, the provision of investment, insurance and estate planning information over the internet.

Industrial protective clothing for the use in the molten metal, thermal, fire, and electrical industries, namely, shirts, trousers, jackets, furnace coats, overalls, flash hoods, aprons, spats, gloves and legging.

Organization, brokerage and management of timeshare interests in aircraft. Transportation of passengers by ship; arranging and conducting ocean cruises and excursions. January 26, , Country: Contact lens products, namely, contact lenses, blanks for contact lenses, and carrying cases for contact lenses and the materials for use in making contact lenses, namely, hioxyficon, a co-polymer of hydroxyethyl metacrylate HEMA and glycerol methacrylate GMA. IC Corporation, S. March 05, , Country: Tires and tubes for vehicle wheels; treads for retreading tires; tracks for tracked vehicles.

February 27, , Country: Shave foam, shave gel, shave cream and shave lotion. Demonstration of goods; sales of goods for others ; procurement services for others purchasing goods and services for other businesses. February 19, , Country: The dark shaded petals of the rose are dark red pantone The light shaded petals of the rose are light red pantone The light shaded areas of the leaves and the stem of the rose are light green pantone Houweling Nurseries Oxnard, Inc. Plant nurseries, namely nurseries for the propagation of flowers and vegetables for others.

Alcoholic beverages except beers namely ciders, aperitifs, digestives, rum, tequila, wines. Optical sensors and filter stations including namely temperature sensors, pressure sensors and fiber optic sensing stations. The drawing is lined for the colour greyish green. Post supports, namely concrete sets. The drawing is lined for the colour green. August 19, , Country: Appareils de jeux de hasard. Writing, drawing and marking instruments, namely pens, pencils and markers; inks and ink refills and cartridges for writing, drawing and marking instruments; refills and cartridges for ball point, porous point and roller ball writing instruments; pencil leads; pencil lead refills; cases, holders and containers for writing, drawing and marking instruments, for inks and ink refills and cartridges, pencil leads, and pencil lead refills; nibs and tips for writing, drawing and marking instruments; rubber erasers; correction fluids, films and tapes for use in correcting printed, typed and written errors; thinners for use with the aforesaid correction fluids.

March 24, , Country: Electrical control panels for use in water and waste water applications. February 13, , Country: The Thomas Yaccato Group Ltd. Books; educational books; series of non-fiction books; booklets; audio-only sound recordings; video recordings.

Clothing, namely, jackets, shirts, golf shirts, t-shirts, sweat shirts, hoods, sweat pants, underwear, under garments, shorts, vests, fleece vests, caps, toques, shoes, socks, dresses, and swim wear. Tracksuits, hockey bags, hats, performance shirts, jackets, long and short sleeve t-shirts. Post supports, namely deck spikes. Skin care preparations; dressings; wound dressings. Scientific research services; product development and design services; technical consultation and research in the field of skin care preparations, dressings and wound dressings.

May 01, , Country: Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto namely scientific research services and consultancy relating to scientific, photographic and optical apparatus and instruments, surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments and computer programs and software; design and development of computer hardware and software.

April 29, , Country: April 08, , Country: Immunoglobulins for the treatment of immune deficiencies and for disease where immune modulating treatment is required; immunoglobulins used to treat infections; blood plasma and components thereof for use in the treatment of blood and bleeding disorders; blood plasma and components thereof derived from recombinant DNA technology for use in the treatment of blood and bleeding disorders; pharmaceutical preparations for use in the treatment of blood and bleeding disorders.

Surgical implants and surgical instruments, namely, shunts and catheters used to drain cranial fluid, and cranial fluid drainage system. Protective and decorative coatings used in the nature of paint. Holograms for use as security, verification and authentication devices; holograms for general commercial use; computer controlled machinery and equipment for the manufacturing of holograms. Surface water removal systems, namely, handled blades edged with silicone, rubber, or similar material for removing liquids from curved or flat surfaces.

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