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Do you have any info on the way bot companies are being threatened by IG? Is this a sort of a legal claim by IG? Also it seems only the USA companies are being shut down. Im using Instaplus before this but its already close the system. Any alternative that similar like Instaplus? So, what are the updates about IG bots? Have they been shut off? It looks like they had a problem on their website yesterday perhaps doing some maintenance — but it seems all back to normal again today.

You can try: Very good your article, however, I still have not found what I would like. Do you know any bot for Instagram that like the photos with a specific place and period of time? I have been using Follow Adder for a few weeks now and the result has been killer! There is a lot of instagram automation services, i only know about one it works for me, and my clients.

Job is done. Organic grow too, no new following. A quick Google search tells me that you own or are affiliated with the company you are writing about. Hi Fred, I just tried to purchase and I got an error message with paypal twice. Is your system down? Hi Deana, it looks like they did some website maintenance around the time you tried to pay. Please try again — it looks to be working for me right now.

I will send you it again manually now. Thanks for the detailed article! Does it work? The 3 day trial is almost up but I think I will stick with it, Will let you know how it goes! What settings do you use on Follower Adder?

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Just got it but it is confusing. I just want to use it to target the followers of my competition. Hi Celeste, I wrote briefly on this page about how to do that very thing. LikeSocial is a great automatic instagram liker. Auto likes help greatly with account promotion as it is. Fred, I wonder what you think about services like social-growth. She registered for a free trial and once she checked how it works and emails she wants to cancel she got charged which is weird.

What are the max amount of likes you can do in a day? You can like up to photos per day. So total.

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Just wondering how long it takes for the software to user search platform to develop the lists. We still have nothing showing in our users lists even though it we added many new user searches 4 hours ago.

You belong here.

The list should start compiling within a few minutes, not hours. Please check your configuration is correct. I have started using Follow Adder on all my accounts and they have been growing rapidly this past month, I must admit I was a bit worried a while ago when Instagram started cracking down on the other bots but Follow Adder seemed to remain completely unaffected! It is still early to give a complete review but I will keep you updated. So far so good! It has taken my following to over 10, and still growing! I am using Instazood… but I would like to switch to follow adder… but the tutorial they have is so damn complicated… I really cannot know how to start….

I have a few settings on this page: How to become Instagram Famous. Please subscribe to my blog to be notified when they go live! Interested in Instato. Do you know where their proxy is based or if they create local proxies for each account? Not trying to get banned. I prefer a web based bot. Which one is safer to use with regard to preventing your account from getting flagged by instagram?

Which one do you think would have a better results? Managed Social have experienced people running the accounts and also use dedicated proxies for each profile. Results will vary a lot depending on your profile. However, Follow Adder is much cheaper which is why I still rate it first for now. I have had so many messages about it that I wrote a brief article about FollowLiker.

Oh cool, thanks. It allows you to automate every single task on all major social networks and Instagram of course. You can schedule posts, send messages, grow your audience, check your statistics and much more. If you are interested to try it, there is 5 days free trial so you can check it out for free, no strings attached. Hi Fred, Thanks a lot for sharing this.

Thank you for shedding light in my way. And judging by how many of these services have already been shut down, there is a bit of a risk involved. I have found it really challenging to find a reliable service that gives you real engagement. My last option is an organic Instagram growth service. I was using Follow Adder before and got some really good growth, but it was a little time consuming for me to configure so I decided to outsource my Instagram marketing to Social Steeze instead based on your recommendation — so far my account is flying up, and my blog is getting more visitors!

Hi Fred Just a quick question, do you know if it is worth it to invest in the professional package for social steeze compared to the regular package? On the website it says the professional package doubles the exposure. Do you believe this is accurate and a good investment?

Or to just stick with the regular package? But the auto follower settings work great! I use an automatic Instagram liker on my account. It helps make your post more noticeable. Instagram thinks that your post is getting popular with all the likes it is getting and then the algorithms work their magic. Great article! Really appreciated the honesty and integrity.. I just wanted to clarify as I clearly understood this about Follow Adder, but was just a little unsure, after reading the website, about exactly how InstaQ operated with the download license.

I previously used Archie and loved it and realistically need something that is fairly straight forward to use. I like a service that is consistently running with little need for me to intervene, but I do already pay for web hosting services for my website and am conscious of the costs associated with this in addition to licensing.

Yes InstaQ is also run from the computer. It sounds like Social Steeze would be a good option for you because they do everything for you, so need to download anything to your computer. If the price is prohibitive then the next best for you would be Instato , which is web based software that you configure yourself. Is there a way to get rid of those accounts that the bot followed without unfollowing my friends? I used Mass Planner when it was still around but now I have to use multiple different bots to get the same results.

I see so many mentioned in the comments. I been looking around reviews and some people have been saying they cant connect to the internet via the program! Do you think that with the new Instagram Algorithm that Follow Adder no longer works , or is it just a bad internet connection on the user end??? Out of all the automation bots and growth services for Instagram that I have used in the last couple of years, Social steeze proved to be the most reliable and safe. No wonder that they can put a high price on their service and still get lots of clients. Quality is always worth paying more for.

After almost compromising my account because of buying fake followers, I only use organic growth tools. My personal favorite is Follow Adder. Easy to use and reliable. Organic growth is the only way to go. Are there any other services to get auto followers for Instagram that have the smart mode like Gramista has?

Something budget friendly would be preferable. Social Steeze is the first and only Instagram growth tool that I have ever used. Hello Fred! From what I could gather, using these services may be risky because of spam concerns. I see how this can be an issue with auto commenting. Follow Adder is definitely my favorite Instagram growth service.

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  4. I actually prefer it to solely web-based services. I also like it that it offers a ton of different features and it is quite affordable. I like Social Steeze because it is managed for me. When I was using automation bots before, I would get some growth but the activity of the accounts would be so-so. Automation bots simply save you some time. The followers that I was getting would disappear after a few days. My guess is that the followers were fake. I was thinking about using Follow Adder. How exactly does it work? Pls help.

    What are some auto followers apps that I can use on my phone? Most of the services that I see are either web based or you have to download and install software on your computer. I know that there were a lot of fans of Instagress but that Instagram growth service never really worked for me. And this service is still up and running! Social steeze is pretty good for organic growth. I was able to grow my following quite quickly. But the only thing that really matters is that the followers are not all fakes or spam accounts.

    I need Instagram for my business. And the interface is awesome. I thought Jarvee was the go-to for IG automation. Secondly, I have heard of Jarvee. I liked Fan Harvest and used it to grow my account as well as automate my interactions with my followers. Their auto comments feature was amazing. Could you, perhaps, recommend a service that has that auto commenting feature? The ones that I see others posting look very generic.

    Can I give the bot a selection of different comments to post? How does it work? I could never understand why Instagram is trying to ban growth tools and automation services. Buying followers is wrong but automation bots are completely harmless if not useful. Blog Info About Contact. I have also written about each one in-depth later in this article. Social Steeze 3.

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    Magic Social 3. LikeSocial 3. Follow Adder 3. RiseSocial 3. Instato 3. InstaQ 3. Instazood 4 Instagram Bots that have been shut down 4. Mass Planner 4. Fan Harvest 4. Instagress 4. Gramista Review 5. InstaMacro Review 5. Instagress is a web based app that generates followers on auto followers — with an array of options to configure. Best Instagram Bots. Influx is great software! Hey Bobby, thanks for your comment. What about you? Thanks a lot! Thx so much for the updated info! Hi Fabien, The best fix for this is setting up a VPS so you can have the app running from a different computer.

    Check your Mailbox

    Hope that helps! MassPlanner is dead now too as of May 12, Mass Planner is no more as well. FB is cracking down on all these now. Hello thanks for this I used fanharvest before it shut down and it was pretty useful. Yep, Follow Adder can manage multiple accounts. How much does Follow Adder cost? Is it worth it? Thanks for the research. Any other news send it my way. Please subscribe to my mailing list — I send updates on periodically.

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    Trying it out and and so far so good. Great article. Archie is done with IG, just a heads up. Awesome post. Really useful info for automating Instagram. Thanks for the article Fred! Good stuff Chris. Thanks for your reply! I appreciate your work and it really helped me. I was using Mass Planner before it was shut down. Good to hear! Thanks for the reviews. Am kinda curious to explore Follow Adder now. What settings do you use Fred? Another tool with very small options i tried is: Hope it helps. Jordi, This whole comment is a load of rubbish. Thanks, Fred.

    I am in the middle of writing a full Follow Adder guide as well, which I will release very soon! Hi Celeste, You can like up to photos per day. Hi Fred, Just wondering how long it takes for the software to user search platform to develop the lists. Hi Judd, The list should start compiling within a few minutes, not hours. Hi Francesco, I have a few settings on this page: Hi Patrica, Managed Social have experienced people running the accounts and also use dedicated proxies for each profile. Hey Scarlett, Thanks for commenting! Hi there, Great article!

    Thank you kindly, kat. Hi Kat, Yes InstaQ is also run from the computer. I have reviewed it separately on this site also. Social Steeze. Check Price. Magic Social. Follow Adder. Software download is required Monthly plan is expensive get the lifetime plan! No auto comment feature No auto followers feature More expensive than other bots Not powerful enough for big results Limited analytics reporting.

    Many options can be confusing for the novice user. Auto like feature Auto comment feature Auto follow feature 3 day free trial. Monthly Current Affairs A set of questions covering the important events of every month. Email required. Contact Number required. Yes No Already Enrolled. I started preparing for Decision Making in early December. The course videos helped me understand the concepts quickly and score well in the exam. I appreciate the content of this course. Kudos to insight of Ravi Sir.

    Only studied from Factopedias and cleared GK cutoff. Right on target questions which sir told might come in IIFT. Awesome work Ravi Sir!! But you can view the videos online any number of times. Are the decision making sectional tests same as the decision making questions in XAT mocks? The decision making sectional tests are made by Handa Ka Funda whereas the mock test series is provided by Oliveboard.

    From 9th June , we have updated our refund policy. We would no longer be processing refunds for students who have registered on 9th June or after that. We would strongly recommend that you go through the demo videos click here to view demo and check for two things: As far as the content is concerned, it is available as an excel sheet in the answer to the first question.

    We offer the best online GK preparation Courses customized according to your need. Live classes: Once a week. For strategy and planning. General Knowledge Rs. Have more questions? Important details about the XAT Exam. When is the last date to apply for the XAT exam? Ans — 30th November When will the XAT exam be held? Ans — 6th January How long is the XAT exam? Ans — 3 hours.

    How many sections are there in the XAT exam? How many questions will be there in the XAT exam? Ans — including 25 for GK Although the official numbers have not been declared yet, it is expected that XAT will have approximately questions. DM will have 22 questions. Quant will have 28 questions.