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I'm quite surprised your iPad Air is laggy since I have one and it works perfect. Try backup and restore? I do a fresh install after every update and it was still laggy.

Unlock Telstra iPhone 4S - Unlock Australia Telstra - iPhone 5 Australia Premium

I found with iOS if you don't do clean install after every update it introduces instability, for instance I couldn't finish a run on AnTuTu after iOS update until I did a clean install. I replaced my Air with the Air 2, and there's no real comparison, lag is pretty much non-existent on the Air 2.

Still the odd occasional stutter here and there, no device is perfectly smooth. I hope no one pays that price. No, I have asked for the title of that thread to be changed to reflect the fact that they are NOT carried locked.

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Title of the thread in your link has now been changed. I have also reported this bargain in order to have its title edited. They are ALL 'Telstra ones'.

Telstra's new iPhone plans are more expensive than ever

I went home and called Telstra to confirm unlocking amount and was told by the unlocking area that all Iphone 5 and up are not locked. I went into Telstra Shop at Rouse Hill the next day to purchase two of these phones and told the salesman what I had been told by their unlocking department. He said that it was not true and that the phones were locked to Telstra.

I made him put the IMEI number from the back of the iPhone 5c box into his computer to check and of course it came up unlocked. We put a Virgin SIM in the phone and it worked straight away.

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They're probably just covering their asses. If they tell you it's unlocked and it isn't, you'd have recourse to return it and they'd be stuck with a 'used' phone. They are just playing it safe. Although I agree that they should know whether it is locked or not. It's an unusual area; traditionally all phones that are sold as prepaid are locked.

Even the iPhone 4s fell under this. This is the first time a phone has been sold prepaid and unlocked simultaneously. So a lot of staff may not be aware of this change. All the Telstra iPhone 5c 32GB handsets are carrier unlocked.

Or, as is always the case you can buy two decent Androids for about the same price: I wouldn't want either. Thank you: Had my prepaid iphone 4s for 3 years and just as the lag and battery life were about to get too much to bear, i had my first drop that caused damage and pretty much obliterated the screen.

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Got a yellow 5c, very excited to have a new phone coming.. I might get my wife the pink one. She keeps harping on about the iphone 6, but at the full retail price I just can't see the value of it although the slow motion stuff looks very cool. That's why we use the latest technology to help protect your credit card and provide a safe shopping environment.

Recharge where you want, when you want. Recharge where and when it suits you. You can recharge via m.

Telstra's new iPhone plans are more expensive than ever

Find out more. Pre-Paid Mobiles. What is fibre to the curb - FTTC? International dialling. Activate now. Recharge now. Pre-Paid Plans. Buy a Pre-Paid Phone. Mobile Broadband. Data Top-Up Plus Packs. International Roaming. Old Pre-Paid Plans. Telstra Air: Pre-Paid customers must have an active recharge. FaceTime over a mobile data connection is available on the iPhone 4S or later and is supported on iPad 2 or later, iPad mini, iPod touch 4th generation or later, and many Macs.

Before this, users could press the home button while they talked for the video to disappear to save on bandwidth costs.

Telstra announces iPhone 5s, 5c plans - CNET

The new method makes this easier. Acquiring a phone through a contract involves complex calculations and weighing up the most suitable phone model against the contract's long-term cost, included value and the quality of the mobile network. Consumers could also buy the phone outright from Apple or any other retailer and then pay for access to any network on a month by month basis. A survey by Roy Morgan research over the six months to June found 40 per cent of existing iPhone owners in Australia were in a position to upgrade — 17 per cent were within six months of the end of their contract, and the rest already own their phone outright.

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