Fort drum commissary coupon policy

No GMOs,, no injected meats, better labeling more organics. Would like to see more self-serve registers. This commissary used to have TONS of coupons but in the last two years, not so much.

Fort Drum Commissary, New York – Military Bases

Do they even get them? Where do they go? Are they selling them on Ebay or Craigslist???? There used to be a lot of vendors handing out coupons or coupons on the shelves with the products. This is very rare today, but with prices rising its all the more important have those coupons.

Check out like at Walmart — do it your self. Baggers are not necessary except for a few for the sick,lame or lazy. After reading all the suggestions that I would like to see in the commissary I guess organic foods, longer store hours and coffee shop, but then when you add these things to the commissary that means more expense in the long run. The commissary was designed to help the service members and their families. I do know I could find some things cheaper at other places, but these cheaper prices are on generic brands and with so many stores a few brand name items on sale so they can lure you into the store.

For me I like to pick out my things myself especially fruits, vegetables and meats so online ordering and curbside delivery would not work for me. The Commissary System must become more efficient or Congress will begin eliminating the benefits. First, lets get rid of the fresh fish counter and the deli. They are underused and not cost effective compared to private sources.

Pricing for many items such as dairy needs to get more competitive. We all like the Commissary benefits but anything can be improved.

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Thanks in advance. Ron Larson. It is hard sometimes to find and read all the labels to see where items were made for them to have their own space would be great. I would like to see a marginal increase in surcharge, baggers screened and included as some kind of employee and given some kind of official pay rather than the undignified process currently used.

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But I would like to see the dignity of those who need the extra work lifted up as well. I would like to see free bagging. Other grocery stores do not require tipping baggers. Half the time the self-checkout are down, currently produce is not allowed in the self-checkouts. It is difficult to shop because the aisles are too narrow for one to step back and view the products on the shelves.

Shoppers pass back and forth and the entire experience can be stressful. Also, parking is terrible — I think the commissary is a business and there should not be any kind of reserved parking — only for handicapped! The commissary at Scott AFB is losing business because of the parking situation. I would like to see a British foods section equivalent to the sections for European German primarily , Eastern, and Hispanic foods.

I am speaking primarily of Stateside commissaries. We make a trip out to the commissary about once every 2 months to stock up as best we can. It is worth the trip. This is especially true of milk. Managers need to keep a better eye on product availability. The empty shelves we often see are infuriating and inexcusable, especially stateside. Competent baggers. I wish I had a nickel for every time I have given a bagger a generous tip, only to get home and find an item I purchased smashed because of careless bagging. It takes time to identify the conscientious baggers. Courteous cashiers. There used to be a cashier at Davis-Monthan AFB who would treat any customer using coupons like absolute dirt.

Repeated complaints by myself and other customers fell on deaf ears. Thankfully, this cashier retired, but she was a legend at D-M. After complaining to Customer Service they suggested to tell the baggers to step aside that I will bag — that would work if the baggers actually spoke English. I shop at the Oceana Commissary and my wsh would be that they would make sure that the temp inside would be be set to a comfortable temperature. Thank you! As an elderly lady who has to carry all my groceries in the house, I prefer the plastic bags as they are easier than the paper.

Paper bags have to be carried up in your arms where as the plastic ones can be carried just like your handbag. And when you have about 20 bags, it is too costly to buy those cute little bags of cloth. The cashiers need to be more friendly and not treat the customers as an enemy in general or if they say the price is wrong.

If you shop at Publix most are very friendly and polite and rate a 9 out of 10 rating. The cashiers at the commissary treat the customers as bothersome. At my commissary they wonder why the self checkout line is full and the express and main lines half full. I rate the commissary cashiers as a low 1 out of 10, just because one was friendly one time but still messed up the order. This costs them the cashiers or the commissary nothing, but makes all the difference between a pleasant or unpleasant shopping experience. Definitely wider aisles, I get cart road rage, aisles so small. On site store daycare would be awesome, I am always stuck bringing my kids, this would make experience so much better and for everyone else.

10 Changes We’d Love to See at the Commissary

My commissary has a TV and a small table with little chairs in the produce section for children. I gotta get in and out before a meltdown. And playing hide and seek with the employees only increases the chances of it happening. The entire aisle may be fully stocked, but the gluten free pasta is completely gone.

Serve. Save. Enjoy.

Things like cornbread stuffing mix, French fried onions, and graham cracker crumbs would make life so much nicer. Those stupid spaceship carts…no, just no. Commissaries are providers of a benefit that sell groceries at cost, and using the gift cards to cover certain refunds and coupon 'overages' discourages practices contrary to DeCA's mission. Why don't commissaries allow both a manufacturer and a military coupon to be used on the same item?

Customers may only use one coupon per purchase in DeCA commissaries. A "purchase" is the item or set of items a customer must buy to meet the purchase requirements listed on the coupon. This policy complies with the terms and conditions set by manufacturers for coupon use, and manufacturers only reimburse DeCA for coupons when commissaries follow these terms and conditions. When retail stores allow customers to use both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same item, they are still limiting customers to one manufacturer coupon per purchase because store coupons are provided by the retailer and funded by their profits.

This practice is not possible in the commissary system, because by law the commissary sells at cost and cannot make a profit, so DeCA does not issue "store" coupons or coupons of any kind. However, DeCA allows manufacturers to make their coupons available to patrons: All coupons found in commissaries including those marked "military" or "commissary" are issued by the manufacturers.

Coupons with only a GS1 Data Bar are expected to be the norm for all coupons in the near future, including coupons printed from the Internet. Back to FAQ listing. Coupons Can I use coupons generated from the Internet in a commissary? Do commissaries accept coupons?

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May I use coupons in combination on the purchase of an item in a commissary? Where can I find a copy of DeCA's coupon policy?

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