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All-new graphic processing units deliver ultimate performance, efficiency, and an immersive virtual reality experience with high-resolution gameplay. Maybe you are looking for the ultimate multi-entertainment hub? With the ability to provide non-proprietary systems that utilize cutting-edge technologies, we can build a laptop that will exceed all your expectations. Edge-to-edge wrapping includes graphic, stealth, and textured wraps, which are all made of the same highly durable vinyl used in automotive applications. We know just how expensive hardcore gaming can be, and thats is why we offer financing options for anyone looking to custom build a gaming laptop on a budget.

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Gigabyte's thin gaming laptop with a GTX is $ off for Cyber Monday | PC Gamer

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I wanted to find a desktop replacement that was both powerful and portable and, after a lot of research, I settled on this. Actually, in my opinion, this laptop is better than the Blade since it comes with a bigger battery 92Wh vs 76ish , and a better base screen p vs p. I am really happy with my decision. This laptop performs excellently see details below and has amazing battery life I get about 8 hours of normal web browsing, Word and programming.

I was coming from a desktop and I really did not feel like I was giving up a lot in the performance aspect while gaining immensely in the portability aspect. I will say however, the default installation of windows seemed very sluggish to me lots of UI lag, probably due to the Gigabyte apps preinstalled so I ended up doing a fresh installation of Windows and reinstalling only the apps I wanted I kept the smart manager for fan controls; you can reinstall more apps if you wish, they can all be found on gigabyte's website.

After the reinstall, Windows ran beautifully with no hiccups or UI lag. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the laptop: The screen is amazing to look at. I do not do color accurate work so I am unsure about how much of the color spectrum this covers but I can say, even compared to the MacBook Pro this looks good. The battery as I stated above lasts about 8 hours when not gaming or doing intensive tasks. The system noise which I was most worried about, esp after hearing how loud the Razer Blade can get is very manageable.

When gaming, the fans get loud but nothing annoying or high pitched; furthermore, the system does not overheat and stays pretty cool near the palmrests. It was about what I expected with a laptop this thin. The performance for day to day tasks is very snappy after the windows reinstall ; 4K videos play flawlessly with the new Kaby Lake processors, though I do want to point out that chrome sometimes causes youtube videos to crash edge and firefox do not have this issue; I've had this same issue with my desktop so I think its a chrome thing and not this laptop.

The backlighting is to be expected at this price point and gigabyte handles this very well, there are two stages of brightness and the entire key is backlit including the secondary functions.

I know some people care about RGB lighting, esp on a gaming laptop, but I prefer the clean white look in fact, I had a razer blackwidow chroma before this and I ended up setting the lights to just white after a while. The macro keys are an amazing addition, and I love that gigabyte was able to fit it into a 14in form factor. I use them for dedicated media keys and also for windows shortcuts. The touchpad is a sore point for me since I really wish it had windows precision drivers.

The surface is very nice and tracking is smooth but the elan drivers lack the windows gestures. I ended up getting a mouse with programmable buttons and setting those to the windows gestures. Overall, this was a wonderful buy. I think it is priced very fairly for the performance esp given the fact that the MacBook 15 in costs almost a more for much less performance.

For anyone struggling between the Blade and this, I would definitely recommend this, since I have heard that the blade has overheating issues. Loving this laptop and plan to use it for at least more years! Top of the pack in its class. I've been using this for a few weeks now, and absolutely love it. Top of the pack for GTX laptops. With a stock overclocked GPU and satisfactory cooling, I've never seen thermal throttling, even in a torture test.

Top marks in 3DMark, and plays the latest titles at p with maxed or mostly maxed settings. I've been testing with Deus Ex: Mankind divided lately and get a solid 35fps on High with Temporal AA. It's a very challenging game to run, and this laptop handles it well. Other and older titles keep an easy 60 FPS maxed out. It will even handle some games in 4k on my external monitor. CPU only test hit 79C and didn't max out fans.

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GPU only test hit 68C, pretty quietly. When running CPU and GPU full out together though, temps skyrocket into the 90's, but absolutely no throttling is observed. If you're running full tilt on CPU and GPU, it gets loud to keep temps in the low 90's, but this is a very unrealistic scenario. During high-end gaming, fan noise is noticeable, but I don't find it uncomfortably loud. Normal web and video use, fan noise is typically nonexistent, and when set to quiet mode, the system turns fans off for passive cooling.

Battery life: Hot damn. Human Revolution for a good 4. Even with throttling the system that far back left me impressed with how well it handles all tasks. No lag in loading games, playing videos, etc Beautiful screen. I've seen richer colors on a few other laptops, but this is still at the top of the list. Good response times, no visible ghosting. DPI is high enough to be smooth, but no so high as to require scaling as long as you have good eyes. Black levels are great, brightness and contrast is consistent across the screen. One of the best screens I've had experience with.

They're crisp and clean, but not distracting or overly bright.

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