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The game is pretty much just like soccer, but you're wearing an inflatable plastic bubble. The suit encloses the player from head to knees and has a handle inside to grip. Wearing the suit encourages ok, pretty much guarantees feeling like a kid again, inspires fun play, and sometime entails full-speed but safe collisions with opposing soccer players. You might even end up upside-down, legs helplessly dangling in the air. Hey, we warned you. Between 8 and 10 people is ideal, but you can have fun playing bubble soccer with groups of all sizes.

At this time we only provide rental services. We do offer discounts for multiple day rentals. We are based in Denver, Colorado, which is a fantastic place to play bubble soccer. We can rent anywhere within 50 miles of Denver.

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Drop-off and pick-up are included in rental. Rent Bubble Soccer Balls.

Bubble Soccer Deals Discounts and Reviews

Types of Events for Bubble Soccer. Call Introducing the most hilarious sport you'll ever play. Enjoy the fun of playing bubble soccer together. Corporate Functions Team building, corporate retreats, industry leagues, etc. Community Events Schools, fairs, church groups, school carnivals, concerts, festivals, etc. What's the deal with Bubble Soccer? How do you play Bubble Soccer? Take the fun to a whole new level by booking a fun game of Bubble Soccer for your event. We operate Auckland wide, are available 7 days a week and we can offer you customized solutions.

Want to offer your students a great workout which also includes a lot of fun? Then Bubble Soccer is the right option for you!

We know that schools are on a tight budget but we think it is important to offer this fun sport to a variety of students. You can have more students and swap them through.

Find a Provider

Want to play longer or need more or less Bubbles? Please send us an enquiry and we are happy to work out a special that is meeting your needs.

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This offer is valid for schools and youth organisations only during the term and school hours only. Did you know that we are the only provider of kids sized bubbles? Standard sized Bubbles are too heavy and not tight enough to be secure for most kids under the age of twelve.

Super Fun Bubble Soccer for Up to 8 Players

And as health and safety is as important to us as creating the biggest fun ever, we ensure the little ones are packed in the right Bubbles. Just let us know if you are having players that are 11 years and younger when you enquire!

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