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Works great on our "dusk to dawn" porch light. Does not interfere with the sensor and it is easy to install. The existing porch light and the other two outdoor lights are all dusk to dawn and are LED so there is not concern about heat doing damage to Santa. Looks good andd we love it! The only negative is that a strand of is very difficultto handle when wrapping tall post and high rafters!

List Price: You Save: When I bought these, I also bought the same brand in the count box. I have an artificial ficus tree that needs a lot of lights -- thus, the count -- but I have two small artificial "Christmas trees" i. I originally bought the pair of "Christmas trees" to use outside during the holidays, but when I set them up inside, they looked so cozy and sweet, I couldn't bear to take them outside.

And when Christmas passed, I couldn't bear to take them down.

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So now they're here year round -- just another bit of indoor greenery. Eventually the pre-strung lights burned out, and I've used the count strings to replace them. You can't easily remove the pre-strung lights, so I just put the new lights on top of them. It works fine, since Currently unavailable. This is an awesome light it is real bright and lights up up a big room great product worth the price. See All Buying Options.

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Bowman Navarre, Florida. Great looking, classy lights. We had a rocky start. When I placed them along my sidewalk I was excited to see them when I came home from the late shift. They weren't on. We have a huge street light in front, so I assumed that light was too bright for the solars. After a few days of rainy weather I put them on a neighbor's front yard who doesn't have a street light.

Looked out after dusk, still no light.

The best Christmas lights overall

This is NOT in the instructions. I still don't think they would be effective with our street light, but my neighbor loves them. I still may order another set, because we live in hurricane country. These guys are perpendicular, meaning you could leave them outside all day, then if the There is a 5 inch border on the wall so that's why it may look funny, but these lights are exactly what I wanted.

The icicles are maybe 3 inches apart. Just tug them a little out of the box because they are folded up and they fall down nicely. If you like your tree to be especially bright, these Christmas Designers lights are a great option, but we recommend that you purchase a single strand first and see for yourself before you take the plunge. In our tests the wires were tight and organized, and once we stretched them out, they lay flat and straight with no issues. The rich hues of the Christmas Designers multicolor strand, especially the yellow-orange bulb, stood out against the competition.

Because of a thick tint on the bulb, the color of the light was consistent for the entire length of the bulb.

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The white lights were harder to tell apart from the competition, but Moriarty still picked them out for having the best twinkle of the bunch. The difference here, though, was extremely slight, and we think anyone in a non-evaluation setting would find it nearly impossible to notice.

Running an electrical current through a filament eventually degrades the filament to the point of destruction. Incandescents also draw much, much more power than LEDs do, so Christmas Designers recommends connecting only three to six of these strands, depending on the length. Like the other Noma lights, this set is non-rectified. And because these lights employ a two-piece bulb and socket design, there is a chance of water infiltration, making them less than ideal for exterior applications.

Each bulb needed twisting and turning for the strand to lie flat, and even then it kept trying to spring back to how it was. The individual wires were loose from one another and had uneven loops. It was a nightmare to feed them through a tight spot like a railing or even between two branches. The Brite Star clear incandescents we tested were very nice, and in light quality they were on a par with the strands from Christmas Designers and GE. As we mention above, 4 inches is the standard.

For this guide, we dug deep only into mini lights, but you can find many other styles, both LED and incandescent, most notably the larger C7 and C9 bulbs. Judging from the consistently good lights that we discovered at Christmas Designers, if we were to purchase a few strands of larger bulbs, we would start with these Christmas lights —the larger bulbs you see on that page are updated with LED technology.

However, you should note that with larger bulbs, the LEDs are dimmer than incandescents, not brighter as they are with mini lights. You purchase a long roll of stranded sockets and your C7 or C9 light bulbs separately. After you cut the strand to length and attach the plug ends, you simply screw in the LED bulbs in whatever color pattern you like.

Here are the best Christmas lights you can buy:

Christmas Designers also sells its line by the foot. We tested out the Christmas Designers empty socket line and were surprised at how easy it was to work with. We liked not having any excess length left over. Also, because you purchase the bulbs separately, the color patterns are entirely up to you. Bright Ideas, another light retailer, has a nice comparative image that can give you a sense of the common sizes.

In , we tested two different styles of cluster lights. Such strands, which have been popular in Europe for years, have much smaller bulbs either 2 mm or 3 mm conicals and a vastly higher bulb density—a foot strand has almost bulbs on it, in contrast to traditional mini lights, which might have only 50 bulbs on a foot strand.

On a tree, cluster lights offer a hazy, almost fairy-tale effect. We found them available in two styles: The straight strands are self-explanatory, but the tree style is a little more complicated. This design—consisting of a central non-lit wire with a series of cluster strands coming off it, each one longer than the last—allows you to hang the main line vertically from the top of the tree with the shortest cluster at the top and then unravel each cluster around the tree.

Lighting a tree this way takes hardly any time at all this video shows the process. The lights are available for either 6-foot or 6. Because of the raw number of LED bulbs on a strand, cluster lights are expensive compared with their traditional counterparts. In recent years, some manufacturers have started selling Christmas-light systems that you can control via a smartphone. These typically offer a wide variety of pattern and color options, all remotely controlled.

The most promising of these systems is AppLights , a Home Depot exclusive. The line offers a wide variety of light styles, but the cost is significant: Also, because this type of lighting system is relatively new, none of the reviews are more than a year old. This gives us very little sense of the system's long-term durability.

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Thanks to a reader, we discovered that nearly all Christmas lights have lead in them. We researched this topic, though, and discovered that the dangers are minimal. Still, you can take a few steps to limit any exposure. According to a WebMD article , lead is a relatively common ingredient in the PVC plastic sheathing that encases wires.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration , lead is harmful only if inhaled or ingested. The solution is an easy one: Simply wash your hands after stringing up the lights, or wear gloves while putting them on. Still, if you feel the need to go fully lead-free with your lights, we found a SafBaby article indicating that lead-free Christmas lights are sold at IKEA.

You can find varying opinions on how many lights to use for your tree. But lights per foot strikes us as a lot, and we imagine that the result would be a very festive tree. The box that the tested Brite Star lights came in goes a little lower, giving a number of lights for an 8-foot tree or 75 per foot. And this lighting calculator from Christmas Light Source indicates that to mini lights will light an 8-foot tree.

You have a couple of different ways to apply lights, but one method in particular gets a lot of praise.

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  5. It involves putting the lights on from bottom to top, doing so vertically, going in and out as you move up. This technique puts the lights deep in the tree and creates depth and a warm interior. If that approach sounds too radical, you can just do it the traditional way by circling the tree, working from bottom to top. We tested lights from two specialty retailers Christmas Light Source and Christmas Lights Etc as well as from Christmas Designers, but our blind testing which included the input of a third party resulted in our picks of Christmas Designers lights.

    If the soft frosted bulb look isn't to your liking, they also come in a transparent variation. But listen, these are the ones you want, OK? They were one of my favorites when I was young and have returned! Classic vintage charm, bright lights visible from a distance, easy bulb changes. Holiday laser light decorations aren't for everyone, I get that.

    But falling off of ladders, searching for that one burnt out bulb, and realizing you don't have a long enough extension cord to connect the light strands to the outlet? That stuff isn't for everyone, either. And besides, some people find a gently swirling, twinkling display of red and green sparkles quite attractive. You simply plant the projector in the ground using its included stake or set it on a driveway or patio with a disc-shaped base, which is also included and aim the thing at your house. Plug it in, and then turn it on, that's all there is to it. More or less, anyway.

    You might need to move the projector closer to or farther from the walls a few times as you work to find the perfect coverage. But it's easy stuff overall. The projector creates thousands of tiny dots of light, which can be set to green, red, or green and red. The lights cover up to 2, square feet of surface when the unit is set up 30 feet away, and the projector can be controlled by a remote that is reliable within 40 feet. Don't worry about rain, snow, or freezing temperatures, either — This little guy is waterproof and rated to work even when the mercury hits 22 degrees below zero.

    You can also, by the way, set the colored dots to slowly swirl about, or you can add decorative features like little Christmas trees or snowflakes, or bell icons. And here's another idea: Aim the projector up into the trees for a truly dazzling effect, and stick with traditional lights on the house. Those two approaches together make for one fine holiday tableau.

    A customer named Sandy said it was "very bright and easy to set up," while a user named Mark said he loved the lights, which "did an awesome job covering the front of [his] house. A write up with NYMag called the unit the "best Christmas light projector with patterned lights.

    Amazingly easy setup, remote control operation, good price point. That is, except when you admire them or get compliments from others. The lights have a sensor that automatically turns them on once the ambient light is low enough and that will switch them back off once the sun is again filling the sky. Though to be honest, they will probably have dimmed or switched off entirely before that happens, as they have an approximate eight hour run time per charge. Don't worry, though, that's plenty long enough. Even with a dead of winter 4: As they come in pale white, warm white, multicolored, and blue, you can choose the exact look you want for your holiday illumination.

    The one major drawback to these lights is that they're hardly suitable for indoor use, as they need access to the sun to power up and need it to be dark in order to power on. One customer reported that they were "so nice, [she] had to order another set," adding that they were "brighter than [she] thought they would be. No outlet or batteries needed, sensor turns lights on or off, available in multiple colors.

    But with just one strand of these bright, colorful LED lights, you should be able to decorate even an eight or nine-foot tree. I traditionally use four foot strands on our trees, which are usually about 8. As these LEDs are rated to last for 25, hours, you probably won't have to replace the strand. Even if you leave your lights illuminated for a month straight every year, you can still expect about 35 years out of them.

    And should you want to go full Griswold on your holiday decorations, you can safely connect up to 22 strands of these things. I say these lights are perfect for indoor use thanks to their cool physical temperature and warm light quality, and because you never tend to be far from an outlet inside, but for the record, they are perfectly safe for outdoor use in all sorts of weather conditions. Warm and bright light quality, durable lights last for years, spare bulbs and fuse included.

    If you love the annual ritual of climbing up and down ladders, scrambling about on the roof, fumbling with hundreds of feet of tangled cords, and that agonizing search for the missing bulb, EverLights might not be for you. If, however, spending a bit more cash and time this year and then never again worrying about holiday light installation sounds like time and money well spent, oh do read on. EverLights are unique in many ways.

    First, there's the fact that these lights are designed to last for years and years even when exposed to all four seasons and the weather that comes with them. Second, there are the myriad installation options that not only allow for perfect custom lighting design but also render them all but invisible by day. And third, there's the fact that you can control them via an app, creating any number of intricate patterns of color, fade or flicker, and that you can program the exact times of day they will be on or off.

    Also, that's without lights included.